Oregon Woman Goes On Racist Rant, Drops Her Pants On Easter

Rashonda Matthews posted a video on Facebook of an unidentified woman going on a racist rant and dropping her pants in the middle of the street on April 21 in Springfield, Oregon (more video below).

Rashonda recalled the incident to WEZI: “She approached me in my face and started saying it multiple times.”

Rahtavian Matthews added his recollection: “We were kinda like, ‘What the heck?’ trying to tell them to stop, and as soon as I pulled out my phone ’cause it was pretty funny and kinda crazy, she said she was going to call the cops on me.”

According to police, Jessica Hollinger walked onto the Matthews property and chest bumped one of them, and later dropped her pants to bare her enormous bottom.

Police said Hollinger was charged with harassment, disorderly conduct and trespassing.

(Sources: WEZI, Rashaonda Matthews/Facebook, Rashonda Matthews/Facebook)

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