Oregon State Police Officers Refused to Wear Masks in Coffee Shop, Cursed Gov. Kate Brown’s COVID-19 Rules

A group of Oregon State Police troopers refused to follow Oregon Gov. Kate Brown’s statewide face mask mandate at a coffee shop in Corvallis, Oregon, on July 1.

Travis Boss, the assistant manager at the coffee shop, told The Oregonian that he politely asked the officers to wear masks, but one state trooper said:

Governor Brown has no authority to take our civil liberties. We aren’t going to wear masks… f*ck Kate Brown.

Capt. Timothy Fox, spokesman for the Oregon State Police, said the incident is under investigation:

OSP is early in the investigation, but if found to be true, we are thoroughly disappointed and expect our troopers to follow the governor’s executive orders and be examples in the community.

(Sources: The Oregonian, The Oregonian)

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