Oregon Police Stop Couple For Expired Tags That Are Not Expired

A young couple was recently stopped by Oregon police in September for allegedly having expired tags even though the tags were good until October.

In a Facebook Live video of the incident (later posted on YouTube), a deputy asked the female driver if she knew why she was being pulled over.

The driver said she did not, and the deputy told her: “For your tags, they’re expired.”

The driver told the deputy to go look at her license plate, which he did.

The male passenger hollered: “You guys are gonna be embarrassed as f*ck, we’re taking you to court… How’s that taste you idiot?”

The deputy returned, and told the driver: “The tags on the back expire October 17, October 2017. Do you know what today is?”

The driver replied: “Yeah. September. It’s 2017.”

The deputy then lectured her on getting her tags renewed in time.

(Source: 74Gogeta/YouTube)

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