Oregon Cop Filmed Beating Handcuffed DUI Suspect, Cop Kept Badge

A video has surfaced of Officer Charles Caruso slamming Shaymond Michelson on to concrete and repeatedly punching the handcuffed DUI suspect while a jail deputy watched in Eugene, Oregon.

Michelson threatened to file a lawsuit, and city of Eugene paid him $100,00, and fired Caruso, notes The Oregonian/OregonLive.

However, Caruso was not charged with any crime and kept his badge (makes him eligible to keep working as a cop) by the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training.

The Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training has allowed “fired officers remain eligible to work even after they accumulated records of brutality, recklessness, shoddy investigations and anger management problems,” reports The Oregonian/OregonLive.

“They hardly ever perform their own investigations. The department employs only two investigators for the more than 10,000 police officers, corrections officers, dispatchers and parole and probation officers in the state. The investigators rely on documents that employers send them and almost never follow up once those documents arrive. Some police departments do a better job of investigating their own than others. As a result, officers are not held to the same standard across the state.”

(Source: The Oregonian/OregonLive)

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