Oprah Is ‘Actively Thinking’ About Running For President: Report

Two close friends of Oprah Winfrey told CNN that she is “actively thinking” about running for president.

Winfrey’s friends made their comments following the former talk show host’s speech at the Golden Globes on Jan. 7.

Some of Winfrey’s friends have been privately urging her to run, the sources told CNN.

One source said these presidential aspirations go back several months, but Winfrey has not made up her mind about running.

Winfrey has been teaming up with Weight Watchers in a new weight-loss venture.

Some political strategists have pointed out Winfrey’s fame and wealth could make her a formidable opponent to President Donald Trump, who was also a wealthy TV host.

Meanwhile, billionaire Democratic donor and environmentalist Tom Steyer says that he will not run for president, notes The Hill.

Steyer has been paying for commercials that have called for the impeachment of Trump for months.

Steyer said on Jan 8 during press conference in Washington D.C. that he plans to spend $30 million to help flip the House majority to the Democrats:

I’m willing to do whatever it takes to help save our country. And I believe the most important task for me, the task which I feel called to do, is organizing and mobilizing America’s voters.

(Source: CNN, The Hill, Photo Credit: Lwp Kommunikáció/Flickr)

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