Christian Radio Host Frank Pastore Denies He is Racist After Censoring Black Caller

KKLA-FM radio host Frank Pastore claims to be a “Christian” who shares the “love of Christ with people” to show them that “we got what they want.”

During his KKLA-FM radio show this week, Pastore denied he was a racist after censoring a black caller named “Al” by muting him.

Pastore had just gone on a long diatribe attacking President Obama, as he does almost daily, when he took a call from a caller who said his name was “Al.”

Al politely said that he believed there was some “racism” in Pastore because he never has anything good to say about President Obama and refused to address Mitt Romney’s dislike for the 47% of Americans (whom Romney said were “dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it… I’ll never convince them they should take personal responsibility and care for their lives”).

At that point, Pastore said to the black caller: “I’m not gonna let you do a commercial for the Obama campaign. I’m gonna mute you before you get to your other points.”

Pastore then angrily went down his right wing talking points, which included claiming President Obama wanted to turn the U.S. into a European socialist state (Pastore presented no proof) and claiming Obama wanted to raise taxes (even though Pres. Obama has not raised taxes during his four years in office, a fact, even Mitt Romney has admitted).

(Source: KKLA-FM)

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  1. The reason i clicked LIKE on this is not because i think Frank Pastore is a Racist! I “Liked” it only because i think Frank Pastore is NOT GOOD for Christian Radio and HE must be getting Paid by Romney because like the caller said he never says anything good about OBAMA and it is So OBVIOUS that hes Voting for Romney and hes trying to convince everyone that listens to his Show! Im not an OBAMA fan but I am a “Whats Right is Right and whats Wrong is Wrong” tipe of person! Frank Pastore is Wrong in the way he talks about things on Christian Radio! Its Very RARE that he talks about the Word, and what we should do as CHRISTIANS about his topics ( not only about the Presidency). I think its real Sad that many believers in Christ that are new or not sure what to discern might be miss led in their walk with Christ and Hate insted of Loving and Praying for People!! dont get me wrong his Show is Interesting but not for Christian Radio! I think he needs to be on a Non Christian Radio station!!

  2. Well said David. Ditto all of this. I too cannot believe he’s on a Christian radio station and touting such ugly and untruthful comments. He’s made small racist comments in the past that he thinks is not picked up on. Like when he was a baseball player and other how black players kid around, which was offensive to him. Another time, he discussed how black people cook fried chicken. Basically this KKLA agrees with him because nothing is ever done about his extreme right views. But it’s not surprising, because somehow Republicans seem to think that all Democrats are Athiest’s which of course is not true. Who are they to claim Jesus?


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