One Third Of Millennials Not Convinced Earth Is Round: Poll

A new poll by YouGov has found that one third of millennials are not convinced that the earth is round.

Only 66 percent of 18 to 24-year-olds believe the world is round, while 16 percent weren’t sure what the shape is, nine percent thought it was spherical but had doubts, while two percent of always thought the Earth was flat.

Ninety-two percent of adults earning over $80,000 believe the Earth is round, while only 79 percent of adults earning under $40,000 believe that scientific fact.

Those who believe the earth is round include 76 percent of adults ages 25-34, 82 percent of ages 35-44, 85 percent of ages 45-54, and 94 percent of ages 55 and over.

(Sources: KDKA. YouGov)

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