Old Man Charged For Shoving Another Old Man Out of an Elevator, Lawyer Says it Was COVID Protection

Seventy-two-year-old Nachem Gross was charged with aggravated battery of an elderly person for shoving 86-year old Gerald Steiglitz out of an elevator at the Portofino Tower condominium complex in Miami Bach, Florida, on June 22.

Gross’ attorney, Michael Grieco, told WTVJ that Gross was in the elevator with his wife when Steiglitz tried to enter, and Gross was trying to protect them from the COVID-19.

Grieco said the condo association mandated that only two people can ride the elevator at a time for social distancing.

Grieco claimed this is a “stand your ground” case because “in this world of COVID, every human being right now is a loaded weapon.”

Steiglitz said he was always friendly with Gross until Gross pushed him:

I saw him before in the building, in the swimming pool and the elevators. We always were friendly, hello, and that was it. But he could have said to me, “go down, take the next one.” He just pushed me out. I’m not looking for financial reward. I’m not looking for anything.

(Source: WTVJ)

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