Oklahoma Teacher Mocks Rumor Spread By GOP Lawmaker About Protesting Teachers Being Paid Actors From Chicago

Oklahoma teacher Stephanie Cline mocked Republican Oklahoma state Rep. John Enns who has been spreading a false rumor that the teachers protesting for education funds at the state capitol are supposedly paid actors from Chicago.

Enns was asked about the “actors from Chicago” rumor on April 4 by KFOR, and pushed the false claim by feigning ignorance: “I’m just saying that’s what I heard.”

Enns refused to identify who gave him the false claim by saying he “can’t give that information out.”

When asked if the rumor was true, Enns added: “I have no idea.”

In response, Cline posted a video on her Facebook page on April 5 that mocked the rumor by giving the supposed “actors from Chicago” some tips on sounding Oklahoman: 

I wanted to give you guys some tips on how you could sound legit.

(Sources: Stephanie Cline/Facebook, KFOR)

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