Oklahoma Republican Rep. Steve Russell, Owns Rifle Factory, Blames Video Games For Mass Shootings: Report

Republican State Rep. Steve Russell of Oklahoma, who reportedly owns a rifle manufacturing company, is blaming Hollywood, liberals and video games for the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Russell sent out a newsletter after the massacre to deflect the blame off the lethal weapons he manufactures, notes RawStory.com:


It means Hollywood not getting a pass to condemn such acts while perpetuating such behavior on the screen. It means our video gaming industry admitting that they may have a role in altering mental abhorrence to violence and the harming of innocents.

Russell also blamed the lack of state-sponsored religion in the schools:

[The solution] means our educators being willing to admit that resistance to our Judeo-Christian ethic in teaching respect and morality in the classroom has created untethered generations who struggle to identify what is right and wrong.

(Source: RawStory.com, Photo Credit: Rep. Steve Russell/Twitter)

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