Oklahoma Police Kill Woman, 72, During Violent Marijuana Raid

Police in Bartlesville.Oklahoma, shot and killed a 72-year-old woman during a violent marijuana raid on Jan. 17.

The Bartlesville Police Department claims that Geraldine Townsend fired a pellet gun (BB gun) at the cops, striking one in the leg and a second in the face, notes Tulsa World.

The police department released an officer body cam video of the incident on Jan. 29, but it’s hard to tell exactly what happened in the darkened footage.

Police claim that Townsend’s 50-year-old son, Michael Anthony Livingston, was distributing the illegal plant from the home.

One officer is heard on the police cam video yelling: “Put that f*cking gun down, put the f*cking gun down.”

Livingston tells the cops: “It’s a BB gun. That my mother, man; that’s a BB gun.”

The police officers remove Livingston from the home as he begs to see his dying mother: “Please, man, y’all killed my momma. She didn’t know, she was asleep. Go look at her.”

A police officer responds: “She shot me; shut up.”

None of the officers were seriously injured.

Livingston was charged with unlawful possession of a controlled drug with intent to distribute, keeping a house where controlled substances are sold, unlawful possession of surveillance equipment, possession of a listening device and threatening to perform an act of violence.

Livingston was charged with threatening to perform an act of violence because he was overwrought with anger and despair after the police killed his mother.

(Source: Tulsa World)

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