Oklahoma Man To Woman Speaking Spanish: ‘You’re Speaking Immigrant!’

Maty Roberts filmed a man in Durant, Oklahoma making racist remarks to her family in a Goodwill store.

“Sir, are you the one who hates wetbacks?” asked Roberts.

The man fired back: “Yea wetbacks, wetbacks, wetbacks because you’re an immigrant… No, you’re speaking immigrant.”

Roberts told WXII: “I was shopping innocently and my daughter texted me saying, “Hey mom I’m going outside, there’s a racist man in here and I can’t take it anymore.”

Roberts said her daughter’s boyfriend, Dakota Hodge, who is white, was approached by the man.

“He just kind of came up to me,” Hodge recalled. “Not even really talking to me, just saying out loud all these racial slurs.”

Maty’s daughter, Alison Roberts, added: “He just kept spitting out words like you’re an immigrant and you need to go back to your country.”

The man also said on the video: “I don’t speak English, I don’t speak English, no comprende no comprende, you lousy speaking immigrant!”

The police arrived, but the man refused to reveal his ID to the cops.

He finally told an officer that his name was “Jack,” and then mocked Roberts from inside a police car: “On this side of the Red River, north of the Rio Grand, north of the Red River, we speak English and English only.”

(Source: KXII)

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