Oklahoma Man May Go To Jail For Overdue Movie Rental From 2014

Lonnie Perry was facing jail for a movie that he rented in 2014, but did not return in Claremore, Oklahoma.

Perry told KTUL how he committed this horrible crime:

I lived in Claremore at the time, just a regular weekday. I went home from work, stopped by and rented a movie, then went home and watched it.

Perry became homeless, tossed everything he had in a box, including the movie rental.

Perry said he forgot about the movie rental until he recently a phone call from the Rogers County District Attorney’s Office and a letter in the mail, which said he owed $218.07:

I just don’t have that kind of money right off. I’ll get it, and I’ll pay it. I’ll do what I have to do. I just think it could have gone a different route.

The Super Video rental store said they tried to track down Perry, and then turned over the movie issue to the Rogers County District Attorney’s Office as a case of stolen property.

Perry was shocked that a warrant was issued:

I understand the video place having to do what they’ve got to do. There’s other means of trying to get a hold of people without a warrant. It wasn’t worth the $5 I rented it for.

The store will get $19 for the movie and $25 for lost profits, but  The Rogers County District Attorney’s Office gets $174 as part of a state statute on unreturned movies.

Jeff of All Trades, a local company, heard about Perry’s situation, and paid the movie rental store everything Perry owed, reports KTUL, but it’s not clear if he may still go to jail over the $174.

(Sources: KTUL, KTUL)

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