Oklahoma Jail Guards Allow Mom, 24, To Suffer And Die From Perforated Ulcer

A 24-year-old mom, Sindi Spray, died from a perforated ulcer on Dec. 16 in the Oklahoma County Jail, which is run by the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office

Spray’s former cellmate Kim Darling told KWTV how Spray bled to death while jail guards failed to take her to s hospital:

I can’t get her face out of my head. Her face. She was looking at me when I woke up. It was horrible. Horrible.

Darling, who was charged with petty larceny, recalled how a nurse gave Spray — who was charged for consensual sex with money (prostitution) — pills for high blood pressure while Spray suffered from the internal bleeding:

She would lay on that bed and curl up, moan and groan about how her stomach hurt and her heart was burning.
I kept saying, “Hey, hey.” I didn’t, you know, she never responded. So, I felt for a pulse. There was no pulse. I started freaking out. And I started banging on the door. For 30 minutes I banged on that door. Nobody came.

Darling said the jail guards should have taken Spray to the hospital:

I’m not a saint. I’ve done my fair share. I was in there, you know? But just because you do something wrong, don’t mean they have to treat you like that. The last thing she said to me was she tucked her kids in every night, before she went to bed.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office refused to comment.

(Source: KWTV)

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