Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt Says He’s ‘Proud’ To Take His Kids to ‘Packed’ Restaurant, Ignores CDC Advice

Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma tweeted about his taking his family to a “packed” restaurant called the The Collective OKC in Oklahoma City, even though the Center for Disease Control and Prevention advises against crowded outings because of the coronavirus outbreak (VIDEO BELOW).

After getting slammed on Twitter for his irresponsible behavior, Stitt deleted the tweet, but not before people made screenshots.

Stitt told a Republican gathering in 2018 that he and his wife do not vaccine all their kids (VIDEO BELOW).

So under vaccines, I believe in choice. And we’ve got six children, and we don’t vaccinate, we don’t do vaccinations on all of our children. So we definitely pick and choose which ones we do. It’s got to be up to the parents.

Stitt’s campaign later claimed Stitt does vaccinate his kids, but does not support mandatory vaccinations for school children, noted Oklahoma Watch in 2019:

The Governor and First Lady’s children have received vaccinations required by school and recommended by their family doctor. The Stitts believe this is a serious public health issue and a decision parents should make in consultation with their family doctor.

(Sources: Twitter, MichenerJohn/YouTube, Oklahoma Watch)

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