Oklahoma Cops Take $149K From Black Man, Imprison Him After He Did Not Use Turn Signal ‘100 Feet’ Before Changing Lanes

Harvey Miller, who is known in the music industry as DJ Speedy, says he was driving from Atlanta to Los Angeles when he was pulled over by an Oklahoma County Sheriff’s deputy for not signalling a full 100 feet before he changing lanes.

Miller told KOCO that he was racially profiled by the deputy who wanted to search his car during the traffic stop:

I was racially profiled. Plain as day. No way around it. He went in with the questions of, “Where are you going? What’s in your car?”

Then, he asked me can he search my vehicle. “No, you can’t search my vehicle. What warrants you to search my vehicle?”

Miller said the deputy called a K-9 unit to the scene, but no drugs were found no drugs were found:

>I’ve never used drugs. I’m not drinking. I wasn’t speeding. I wasn’t doing nothing, You have nothing on my except I have money. I’m black and I have money.

Court documents said deputies found more than $149,000 in cash and claimed Miller’s car smelled like marijuana.

Miller was arrested on complaints of possession of drug proceeds and possession of a forged counterfeit note after a fake $20 bill was found, but was never charged and was released from jail after 12 hours. The deputies kept the money.

Miller now wants his money back and his clean record restored:”I want to be exonerated from all this.”

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office released a statement: “We absolutely do not racially profile individuals pulled over. The vast majority of the people we pull over are Caucasian. The numbers we see are in line with the makeup of the population of Oklahoma County.”

(Source: KOCO)

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