Oklahoma Cop, Who Killed Unarmed Black Dad With Hands Up, Is Now Training Other Cops

Tulsa, Oklahoma Police Officer Betty Shelby made headlines in 2016 after she shot and killed an unarmed black dad, Terence Crutcher, who had his hands up.

Shelby went on trial for manslaughter before being acquitted in May 2017, and got her old job back.

Shelby is teaching a training session for other cops at the Tulsa County Sherriff’s Office entitled “Surviving a Critical Incident,” notes a press release in the Black Wall Street Times.

Pastor Rodney Goss, of the Morning Star Baptist Church, called for a peaceful protest at the town’s Civic Center Plaza on Aug. 27:

A jury of her peers stated that she should never be a patrol officer again. Community members have expressed deep concern over the decision to hire Officer Shelby to train other Tulsa law enforcement officers in how to manage a similar incident.

They believe the decision is indicative of a deep disconnect with the community and are calling on the Tulsa County Sherriff’s Office to remove Officer Shelby from the program.

(Source: The Black Wall Street Times, Photo Credit: NBC News)

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