Oklahoma Cop Shoots Boy, 14, Through Fence As He Plays With His Friends

Newly-released body cam video shows Officer Kyle Holcomb shooting 14-year-old Lorenzo Clerkley through a fence in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and then shouting contradictory orders — with other officers — on March 10 (more video below).

Lorenzo was playing with a toy cap gun and his friends in an abandoned house, which an unidentified person called in as a burglary, notes CNN.

Before shooting the boy twice, Holcomb said on his police radio: “I think it’s a cap gun, but they are shooting something off.”

Holcomb shouted, “Show me your hands! Drop it!” and began firing without allowing Lorenzo any time to respond.

Police rewrote reality in a statement in March: “The suspect did not comply with the orders and Sergeant Holcomb discharged his firearm and struck the suspect.”

(Source: CNN)

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