Oklahoma Cop: Police Shoot Black Americans ‘Less Than We Probably Ought To’

Tulsa, Oklahoma police officer Travis Yates told talk radio host Pat Campbell on his podcast on June 9 that police officers shoot black Americans “less than we probably ought to,” reports Public Radio Tulsa:

You get this meme of, “Blacks are shot two times, two and a half times more,” and everybody just goes, “Oh, yeah.” They’re not making sense here. You have to come into contact with law enforcement for that to occur.

If a certain group is committing more crimes, more violent crimes, and law enforcement’s having to come into more contact with them, that number is going to be higher. Who in the world in their right mind would think that our shootings should be right along the U.S. Census lines? That’s insanity.

All of the research says we’re shooting African-Americans about 24% less than we probably ought to be, based on the crimes being committed.

Yates was also upset by the largely peaceful protests that have been taking place since Minneapolis police killed George Floyd on May 25:

The officer was arrested the next day. They were prosecuted, they were fired. What are you doing? What do you mean, “justice?” Justice at this point has been done. Well, then it turned into systematic racism, systematic police brutality.

This is what they’re trying to say that all these changes need to come from: this is why we’re protesting, this is why we’re rioting. Because of systematic abuse of power and racism. That just doesn’t exist.

Yates also claimed, without evidence, that unnamed journalists and an unnamed group are lying about the police abuse of black people — which has documented numerous times — to make money:

Because of this money, because of the marketing, because of the slick steps they’ve done, they’ve made regular Americans believe that cops are just hunting blacks down the street and killing them. It is so mind-boggling to me, that it is so over-the-top. It’s not happening, but everyone believes that it is happening.

(Sources: Public Radio Tulsa, Pat Campbell, The New York Times, BBC News, Photo Credit: Broken Arrow Police Department/Facebook)

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