Ohio State Trooper Points Gun At Man Filming Traffic Stop

An Ohio State Trooper recently pointed a gun at activist Brandon Wilson who was walking over to film the trooper’s traffic stop in Columbus, Ohio. 

The trooper pulled his gun and shouted at Wilson:  “Get your hand out of your pockets!”

Wilson responded: “He just pulled a gun on me! He just pulled a gun on me! What the f*ck?”

The trooper repeated the order, and moved to the passenger side of the stopped car.

Wilson, who held his cellphone in one hand and a cigarette in the other, responded as he backed up:

I ain’t got no weapons. I have no weapons. This guy has a gun pulled on me. What are you going to do? Murder me? Here, I’ll back up. I had nothing to do with this… You’re being crazy man! I ain’t got no weapons… He’s trying to shoot me for no reason… You’re crazy man! You’re being a psychopath. F*cking nutcase! He’s a f*cking psychopath! This is not Nazi Germany.

(Source: Brandon Wilson via YouTube)

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