Ohio State Patrol Tickets Dad Rushing Bleeding Son, 7, To Hospital

Charlie Rolko was stopped and ticketed by a state trooper in Lorain, Ohio while taking his bleeding seven-year-old son to the hospital on Sept. 2.

“My son fell and had a deep cut. He was in pain and was bleeding so my main concern was to get him to the hospital,” Rolko told WJW.

Rolko admits to driving about 10 miles over the 25 mile-per-hour speed limit when the state trooper pulled him over:

She said if it was life-threatening, we can call an ambulance but I told her he needed stitches and we didn’t have the money for an ambulance. So she said we would need to stay and be processed at the scene.

An Ohio State Patrol spokesman said Rolko was given a warning for speeding and for not having two of his kids in booster seats, but was ticketed for not wearing his seatbelt.

Rolko added:

I guess when I got in the car, I was in such a hurry I had the seat belt under my arm and not over my shoulder. I understand the tickets. I just wish they could have showed some empathy and followed us or escorted us to the hospital and issued the ticket there.

Rolko took his son to the emergency room for the overpriced stitches after receiving the ticket.

(Source: WJW)

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