Ohio Sheriff, Who Refuses to Enforce COVID-19 Mask Mandate, Threatens to Shoot Protesters

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones, who refuses to enforce a life-saving COVID-19 mask mandate issued by Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine, threatened to shoot protesters who come to his town (VIDEO BELOW).

Jones told CNN in July that he would not enforce the mask mandate during the coronavirus pandemic even though he is legally required to do so:

I’m not going to be the mask police. I’m telling people don’t call 911. All the police have been decimated as far as being laid off, having budgets cut … and I am not going to enforce the mask wearing.

Jones appeared to threaten to shoot protesters on the Butler County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page on Sept. 2:

Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones states he has seen the lawlessness in the country over the last few months directed towards police. The Sheriff has seen water dumped on police in New York, bricks and frozen water bottles thrown at police as well as officers blinded by lasers in Portland, Oregon. In addition, Police have been shot at in Chicago and all across the country.

“I won’t tolerate it, period. You shoot at the police expect us to shoot back. I will not allow my deputies or any law enforcement officer in Butler County to take the abuse I have seen over the past several months. If you come to this county expecting a free pass to harm one of my men or women in uniform keep in mind, nothing in life is free,” states Sheriff Jones.

(Sources: CNN/YouTube, Butler County Sheriff’s Office Facebook)

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