Ohio Man Who Flies Confederate Flag: ‘It’s For The War That We Won’

A home in Lindale, Ohio, is decorated with racist symbols: Confederate flags and black mannequins with wigs.

Louie Jones Jr., who lives at the home with his father, told WXIX that the (racist) display is not racist: 

In no way, shape, or form should anybody think that it’s racist.

Jones claimed the (racist) display has been up for years.

When asked if his family hates black people, Jones replied: 

Everybody hates everybody, ya know? It just depends on what you hate and what you like. It ain’t got nothing to do with race, we ain’t racial.

Jones’ friend Tammy, who lives nearby, also defended the (racist) display:

They went up a few of them at one time and then a couple more were added, but the flags have always flown, that’s for our country.

Jones defended the Confederate flag, which was waved by pro-slavery Confederate forces who lost the Civil War:

It’s not racist. It’s for the war that we won… The Civil War.

When Jones was informed by WXIX that was the wrong flag, Tammy pushed back by questioning historical fact:

In some people’s eyes.


Tammy went on to defend the black mannequins and one with long hair:

All the baseball players on there are actually from the first blacks that played the baseball game…

Like, the mother of the baseball players, basically.

Jones complained that his family has been threatened over their racist display, but doesn’t plan on taking it down.

(Source: WXIX)

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