Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine Tests Positive For COVID-19 After Refusing to Require Masks or Shutdown

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has tested positive for COVID-19 after refusing to require state residents to wear masks or implementing a shutdown to stop the spread of the deadly virus.

DeWine said on July 15 that “our state’s life is now in danger,” but added that COVID-19 safety mandates were a “discussion is for another time,” notes Cincinnati.com.

Thanks to DeWine’s failure to lead, COVID-19 has spread throughout Ohio, and infected him.

DeWine tested positive for coronavirus ahead of a planned meeting with President Donald Trump, who has yet to create a national plan to fight the coronavirus pandemic, on Aug. 6.

DeWine plans to follow protocol for COVID-19 and quarantine at his home for the next 14 days, but it’s not clear why he is suddenly following COVID-19 guidelines.

(Sources: WLWT, Cincinnati.com, Photo Credit: The White House/Flickr)

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