Ohio Cops Kneel On Top Of Black Woman, 9 Months Pregnant, Police Chief Claims They Did Not

Video has surfaced of two police officers appearing to kneel on top of a black woman, who was nine-months pregnant, in Lima, Ohio, in September 2017.

Kenyatta Seccession said she was going to the hospital regardng her pregnancy when the police officers pulled her over for an outstanding warrant, noted Hometown Stations in September 2017.

Seccession claimed that she told the police that she was pregnant, but the officers pushed her on her stomach and put their knees in her back, which appears to be supported by a bystander’s video.

Seccession also said that the police continued to confront her at the hospital and were asked to leave by a nurse because Seccession’s blood pressure was rising:

I really hope that they can really figure it out and get rid of the people, the officers on the force that aren’t really there to help people. We need justice and who can we run to if we can’t run to our police, if they are the ones doing the harm to us.

Ron Fails, the president of the Lima Chapter of the NAACP, said Seccession was not arrested or charged after the incident, but called for the police officers to be investigated.

The police were investigated by their own police department, noted  LimaOhio.com in September 2017.

After a four-month investigation of its own cops, the Lima Police Department suspended one officer for three days and verbally reprimanded a second officer.

The Lima Police Department said Officers Matt Boss and Brandon Stephenso failed to use their body microphones, notes LimaOhio.com, they were not wearing body cams.

Police Chief Kevin Martin claimed the officers did not have their knees on Secession’s back: “We had officers responding to someone who was actively resisting arrest and who used the lowest level of force necessary.”

The NAACP demanded aN independent investigator, which Martin refused.

SecCession gave birth less than two weeks after the incident.

(Sources: Hometown Stations, LimaOhio.com, LimaOhio.com)

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