Ohio Cop Kills Teen, Police Forcibly Remove Boy’s Crying Mom From The Scene

Deputy Richard Scarborough reportedly shot and killed a 16-year-old Joseph Haynes in the Franklin County courthouse in Ohio on Jan. 17

Constance Gadell-Newton filmed the aftermath of the shooting with her cellphone. That footage shows Joseph’s mom crying, “You killed my son!” and being forcibly removed — by law enforcement — from the scene and her dying son.

Authorities claim Joseph and his mom became “very agitative and disruptive” and were escorted out of the courtroom, and then Scarborough was “somehow knocked to the ground where he came under attack,” reports WOSU.

Haynes’ family members said that Scarborough allegedly grabbed the mom and Haynes attempted to defend her, which cost him his life.

(Sources: Constance Gadell-Newton via YouTube, WOSU)

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