Ohio Cop Cries After Crashing His Patrol Car While Allegedly Drunk, Gets Blue Privilege, Keeps Crying

Officer Justin “Augie” Augustine reportedly crashed his patrol car into a flat-bed semi-trailer loaded with concrete barriers on Oct. 27 while allegedly intoxicated in Piqua, Ohio.

 A newly-released police body cam shows Lt. Rick Byron treating “Augie” with kid gloves while asking for his weapon and pleading with him not to drive away from the police station.

Augustine was cited for driving drunk, allowed to go home, and placed on a paid vacation.

According to a police report, Augustine told Byron that he was trying to urinate near the southeast corner of the Piqua Board of Education office, reports the Piqua Daily Call:

An officer observed that Augustine’s eyes “were bloodshot and red and that his speech was slow and slurred.”

Augustine reportedly admitted to drinking alcohol earlier in the day, but he refused all OVI tests and was placed under an Administrative License Suspension.

Augustine pleaded not guilty to the drunk driving charge.

(Source: Piqua Daily Call)

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