Ohio Cop Arrests Black Woman In Towel, Marches Her Outside

Video has surfaced of a police officer arresting Shajuan Gray while she was only wearing a towel and forcing her to walk outside where he placed her in his patrol car on March 27, 2017, in Euclid, Ohio.

Gray, who recently filed a federal lawsuit against Officer James Aoki, told WEWS that she was in her shower when she heard a knock on the door and saw Aoki outside. 

Gray said she cracked the door open and asked what was going on:

He started shouting he was tired of me, got complaints about me and to turn down my music, Which I did because at this point I’m flabbergasted. I’m shocked, like, what is this about?

Gray recalled that Aoki put his foot in her door and “barged” into her apartment without probable cause:

As he’s slamming me and pushing me against the freezer and refrigerator, he’s twisting my arms up in an uncomfortable position, I’m telling him then, “You’re hurting me. Why are you doing this to me? Please stop.”

Gray claimed Aoki would not allow her to get dressed before he took her to the police department.

(Source: WEWS)

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