Ohio Cop Appears To Attack Woman For Filming Arrest

A police officer appeared to attack a woman who was filming an arrest near the Northwest Passage School in Colerain Township, Ohio, on May 8.

The officer dropped the F-bomb as he appeared to push and hit the woman. At one point, she told the officer to stop hitting her.

WCPO reports that a confrontation between a student and a school resource officer at a shopping center  escalated into a “mass arrest” involving 19 cops and seven arrests.

The Colerain Police Department issued a one sentence statement: “On May 8, 2018, officers responded to Northwest Passage School for an officer needs assistance call from a Hamilton County Deputy who was on duty in the school.”

Destiney Payne posted video of the incident on Facebook with a description:

Y’all Colerain Township Police department just did my peoples SO BAD for NO REASON MAKE THIS GO VIRIAL my best friend got locked up for recording like WHATTTTTTT. Ma ducks got maced talking about she was resisting you CLEARLY see she wasn’t ! Mfs got tased slammed ALL THAT.

(Sources: WCPODestiney Payne/Facebook)

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