Ohio Cop Accidentally Uses Taser On Cop While Trying To Tase Man For Refusing To Show ID

police officer accidentally used his Taser on a second officer in Riverside, Ohio, while trying to tase a man who refused to show the cops his ID on Nov. 23.

The cops were responding to a domestic violence incident when they came upon a man and woman sitting inside their car.

The man, Christopher McClinton, refused to show the police his identification  so the police pulled him out of the car.

During the struggle, the cop fired his Taser, which hit McClinton and another officer. 

McClinton was not charged with domestic violence.

McClinton was charged with obstructing official business, failure to disclose personal information, and resisting arrest, which all stems from the false domestic violence allegation.

Ohio law says that people do not have to show their identification unless a police officer “reasonably suspects” they are committing, have committed, or are about to commit a criminal offense or if you witnessed a party committing a felony.

(Sources: Dayton Daily News, State of Ohio)

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