Off-Duty Fire Chief Goes On Road Rage Against Teen

Charlotte County, Florida, Battalion Chief Jon Miller was filmed in a fit of road rage. Miller was arrested for allegedly attacking a teen inside a car and stealing a cell phone.

Police e said Miller exited his car, opened the teen’s door, grabbed the teen driver’s arm and started yelling at them. The driver started filming when Miller opened the back door, but Miller allegedly grabbed the cell phone and drove off, notes WBBH.

The teens reportedly tracked the cell phone to Miller’s home where Miller allegedly walked outside with a gun in his pocket. Miller reportedly grabbed the teen driver by the hair after the teen driver tried to grab his pepper spray.

Police said the cell phone video shows multiple arguments and Miller grabbing the teen’s head.


Miller told the cops that  the teens tried to ram his car. but police said there were no tire marks to support that.

Police charged Miller with burglary with battery and a second charge of battery.

Miller was placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation.

(Source: WBBH)

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