Off-Duty Detroit Police Officer Beats Innocent Man, Police Chief Approves

A newly-released surveillance video shows an off-duty police officer hitting an innocent 23-year-old man, accused of shoplifting, with a baton at a Meijer store in Detroit on Oct. 8.

WDIV reports that David Bivins exchanged words with the cop, but kept his hands down while the officer got more aggressive.

Bivins’ girlfriend, identified as Ross, told WDIV:

We walked into the Meijer, went shopping like normal, purchased our items. We did come in with outside bags from another store. We did emphasize to keep them separate that way they could see.

Ross said the items were not stolen, but she returned the items to Meijer because she was embarrassed of being accused of stealing. 

When Ross came outside Meijer, she saw Bivins being beaten by the off-duty cop.

In a video filmed by Ross, the cop said that he arrested Bivins for using profanity, which is legal and not a crime, noted The Marshall Project in 2015.

The incident continued in the parking lot where the off-duty police officer hit Bivins again with a baton, damaging Bivins’ teeth and jaw.

Detroit police Chief James Craig said that his officer “acted appropriately” when subduing the innocent man, and added: “It appears that the force was proper,” notes the Detroit Free Press.

(Sources: WDIV, Detroit Free Press, The Marshall Project)

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