Off-Duty Cop Tackles, Arrests Black Woman Filming Him Harassing Teens

An off-duty police officer arrested a black woman who was filming him harass some black teen girls outside the North Versailles Stadium 18 movie theater in North Versailles, Pennsylvania, on Feb. 23.

Melanie Carter began by filming the movie theater manager who was accusing the girls of starting trouble.

Off-duty police Officer Christopher Kelly told the girls: “You guys have been a problem since you got here. Everybody’s out.”

Carter told Kelly and the manager that they were treating the girls “like animals.”

“Yeah, because you’re behaving like an animal,” the manager, identified as Jason, told Carter, notes the Pittsburg Post-Gazette.

Kelly told Carter: “You have to leave. This is defiant trespassing.”

Carter said she was waiting for her kids to come out of the theater, but Kelly appeared to tackle Carter to the ground, and accused her of resisting arrest.

Carter — who was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, defiant trespassing and failure to disperse — wrote about the incident on Facebook:

In need of a Lawyer. I went to Phoenix Theater in North Versailles on February 23 at approximately 9pm when I pulled up an officer was pushing a young black girl out the door aggressively I asked the girl what happened and she said she was playing with her friends in the game room when officer Chris Kelly grabbed her from behind escorted her to the door and pushed her outside.

The officer then went back inside and made several other black girls leave the theater I started filming at this point and was assaulted by the officer who banged my head on the concrete while placing his knee in my back and placed under arrest although I broke no laws. IM ASKING THE COMMUNITY TO HELP ME SEEK JUSTICE.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that Kelly was working security detail, but the North Versailles Stadium 18 appeared to deny that on Facebook:

We are aware of this incident and after an internal investigation, we determined that the manager’s conduct does not reflect our values, his training, or our policies. This is certainly not the way we treat people, and this manager has been relieved of his duties. The off-duty police officer is not an employee of our company, and his actions have been reported to his superiors.

(Sources: Pittsburgh Post-GazetteMelanie Carter/FacebookNorth Versailles Stadium 18/Facebook)

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