Off-Duty Chicago Cop Shoots Unarmed Teen With Disabilities

The Civilian Office of Police Accountability has released video of an off-duty Chicago police officer, Sergeant Khalil Muhammad, shooting an unarmed 18-year-old, Ricardo Hayes on Aug. 13, 2017 (raw video below).

A home surveillance video shows Hayes running in a neighborhood in the early morning hours when he stops in front of a home and stands there as Muhammad rolls up in his unmarked pickup truck.

When Hayes starts to slowly move toward Muhammad, that’s when Muhammad — who could have driven away — opens fire on Hayes.

Muhammad claimed he was in imminent danger in a 911 call, notes WLS-TV:

The guy pulled like he was about to pull a gun on me, walked up to the car, and I had to shoot.

Muhammad claimed in police reports that he was in danger of being battered, and believed Hayes was armed, despite a complete lack of proof.

Hayes survived the shooting and has now filed a lawsuit that says he has “developmental disabilities” with “the cognitive level of a child” and “difficulty communicating.”

Muhammad has been suspended with pay, but is still on the Chicago police force. He has not commented to WLS-TV.

(Source: WLS-TV)

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