NYPD Evict Homeless People From Streets For Christmas

Police in New York City are evicting homeless people from the streets just in time for Christmas.

WCBS reported on a homeless encampment near a subway station in Flatbush, Brooklyn, which police hauled away.

A spokesman for the Department of Homeless Services said: “We don’t allow obstructions in our city and address them quickly whenever we find them.”

Resident Cesar Cruz told WCBS how the area was not for home4lsss Americans: “We opened the plaza for the public, not for the homeless.”

Resident Ashel Leopold added. “It serves as a breeding ground for rats, which is not good for the area.”

Resident Larry Williams said that homelsss people should be inside: “It’s cold out here. A whole lot of junk people can’t hardly walk by. It’s an eyesore.”

While 61,000 homeless people wander the city, Mayor Bill de Blasio said the city is moving to acquire 17 buildings it hopes to turn into 500 apartments for the homeless in 2019.

(Source: WCBS)


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