NYPD Beat, Use Taser On Black Man Who Failed To Use Turn Signal

Jay Brown Sr., a hospital housing administrator and seminary student, filmed a black man, Stacy Marcellin, being based and beaten on Jan. 11 in the Queens section of New York City.

Brown told The Free Thought Project that Marcellin was pulled over for failing to use a turn signal. 

Marcellin told Brown in the parking lot of a local car wash: “They’re about to pull me over because I’m black.”

Marcellin reportedly works for a local rental car company, and was taking one of the company’s cars in for a car wash.

A police officer approached the car, and said, “Give me your fuc*ing license.”

The police officer claimed that Marcellin said he would “break his jaw.” 

Marcellin and the officer argued for several minutes before a plains clothes officer called for backup, and more cops showed up.

Marcellin reportedly said that he had a “learners permit,” but couldn’t find the license inside his wallet.

The police eventually pulled Marcellin out of his car and used a Taser on him; two cops are seen on the video stomping and hitting Marcellin.

Brown told The Free Thought Project that black people are pulled over all the time in Queens for “driving while black.”

Brown claimed that he cannot drive on the city’s streets “five feet” without being pulled over, and been stopped by police in Queens 15 times in 4 years, and now avoids the area.

”All because he did not signal,” Brown said, “This is what happens when you piss off the NYPD.”

(Sources: The Free Thought ProjectJay Brown Sr. via YouTube)




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