Nurse Attacked In Parking Lot By Angry Woman: Report

Quiggle Ignacio, a registered nurse, was reportedly hit by a woman who allegedly yelled racial slurs in a parking lot in the Eagle Rock area of Los Angeles.

Ignacio told KTLA that she was eating her lunch in her car when “all of a sudden there was a lady that was pushing her shopping cart, grocery cart, and the baby was on the grocery cart, and she hit my car.”

Ignacio said she ignored the shopping cart tap until the woman started yelling at her: “Why are you yelling at me, I should be the one yelling at you because you hit my car. Then they started saying racial things.”

According to Ignacio, the woman and the man, who was with her, called Ignacio “stupid,” and told Ignacio to “go back to your country.”

Ignacio took out her cellphone and began filming when the woman reportedly hit her multiple times on her face and head.

Ignacio was unable to get the vehicle’s license plate number, but asked for people’s help to identify the woman via Facebook.

(Sources: KTLA, Quiggle Ignacio/Facebook)

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