NRA’s Dana Loesch Whines How ‘Mass Shootings’ Are Called ‘Mass Shootings’ By Media

National Rifle Association (NRA) spokeswoman Dana Loesch whined on NRA TV how the media refers to “mass shootings” as “mass shootings.”

Loesch fumed how “mass shooting is such a funny description” for massacres done with guns because “we don’t call them mass knifings when they happen” in other countries.

Loesch whined how guns are called out:

Suddenly, it’s a murder spree or a mass casualty incident, but when a gun is involved, it’s a mass shooting. And that’s so the focus remains on the firearm.

Loesch failed to mention how the U.S. has a staggering number of gun-related deaths and leads industrialized countries in “mass shootings.”  

NPR in 2017 that the U.S. rate of gun deaths per 100,000 people was eight times as high as Canada, 32 times as high as Germany, and 55 times as high as U.K..

The U.S. has had 288 school shootings since 2009, while Canada has had two, and Germany and the U.K. had none, reports CNN.

(Sources: CNN, NPR, NRATV/Twitter)

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