NRA’s Dana Loesch Pretends She Was Victimized By Students’ March For Our Lives

NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch pretended that she was personally victimized by the peaceful student-led March for Our Lives on March 14, which protested against gun violence in schools.

Loesch told “Fox & Friends” that that she would not attack “anyone” for expressing their First Amendment right to free speech, but then quickly attacked Democratic leaders and the Women’s March for expressing free speech against gun violence.

Loesch also attacked the Broward Country sheriff for not making  a pre-crime arrest of the Parkland  Florida,gunman  before he killed 17 people with an AR-15 assault weapon.

Loesch claimed — without any proof  — that gun control would not have prevented the mass shooting, and proceeded to pretend that she was victimized by the peaceful student march that swept the country:

And gun control — let’s be clear — gun control wouldn’t have prevent what happened yesterday. What would have prevented this massacre is the FBI following up on the two tips.”

People like [Sheriff Scott Israel] are in the position and that is their sworn duty to make sure they follow [leads]. That’s what they should be doing! Not blaming mothers like me and law abiding gun owners across America!

(Source: Fox News via YouTube)





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