NRA Tells People To Run Towards Active Shooters, Contradicts Department Of Homeland Security

NRATV correspondent Chuck Holton advised people to rush an active shooter situation and “take him out” as the first course of action. 

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) guidelines advise people to try to escape, hide and make barricades, or “as a last resort, and only when your life is in imminent danger, attempt to disrupt and/or incapacitate” the shooter.   

Holton, who has no record of stopping active shooters, gave his advice during NRATV’s “Relentless,” notes Media Matters:

Now, look, instead of run, hide, and die, which is essentially what they’re training them to do — I mean, if you think about it, if you are training them — we didn’t get to show the rest of that video that Northwestern put out — but the first two-thirds of that video is all about how to run away and how to hide.

Look, if you’re in a wheelchair or you’re not capable, well, OK, fine. But if that is the linear thinking that we’re going to engage in, run and hide, then people are going to literally be waiting to die in a situation like that.

They’re going to be coming in and just basically, go, hide, and wait your turn to get a bullet to the head. Every second in a situation like that, that you wait, somebody else is dying. And I think it says a lot about our culture that we’re not training our sons that you need to be the hero in this situation.

Look, being a hero is chosen for you very often. You didn’t wake up that day, just like Col. [Oliver] North says, and think, “I’m going to be a hero today.” You’ve gotta be trained and prepared to be a hero every day.

And one of the things I trained my sons is that wherever you go, people should be safer because you are there. And that means that if you find yourself in a situation like this and you are a capable male in the American population, then your mindset should not be run, hide, and then fight.

It should be find, fix, and finish. That is, you find the guy that is hurting other people, you go after him, and you take him out. You do whatever you have to do.

And if somebody’s got to die, you stand up and you go, “I am the one that’s willing to die today rather than Dana Loesch or that lady over there or that little kid. I am the one that’s willing to — I am that man that’s is going to go in and take that guy out.” And I think we need to train our boys more in that line of thinking.

(Source: Media Matters)

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