NRA Spokeswoman Dana Loesch Warns Journalists: ‘Your Time Is Running Out’

The National Rifle Association posted a video on Twitter featuring NRATV spokeswoman Dana Loesch issuing a warning to “every lying member of the media.”

Loesch is dressed in black and has an hourglass by her side, notes The Independent:

We have had enough of the lies, the sanctimony, the arrogance, the hatred, the pettiness, the fake news… We are done with your agenda to undermine voters will and individual liberty in America.

So to every lying member of the media, to every Hollywood phony, to the role model athletes who use their free speech to alter and undermine what our flag represent.

To the politicians who would rather watch America burn than lose one ounce of their own personal power, to the late night posts that think their opinion is the only opinions that matter. 

To the Joy-Ann Reids, the Morning Joes, the Mikas. To those who stain honest reporting with partisanship.

To those who bring bias and propaganda to CNN, The Washington Post and The New York Times… your time is running out. The clock starts now.

Loesch turns over the hourglass, and a message appears promoting Loesch’s new show on NRATV.

 NCIS: New Orleans co-executive producer Paul Guyot tweeted on Feb. 22 that Loesch once approached him about starring in a sitcom about a “hot young mom”:

(Sources: The Independent, NRATV/TwitterPaul Guyot/Twitter)

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Comment (1)

  1. First: I am a life-time member of the NRA and I own a Glock 19.
    Second: I am not a Globalist and do not see myself as living in a Democracy.
    Thirdly: I am. Constitutionalist and I live in a Constitutional Republic as outlined by the Constitution as understood by the Federalist paper and the Declaration of Independence. Better than a Democracy in that if a Democracy Rosa Parks would not have left the back of the bus.
    That said, I have this question:
    Soooo, when does this time run out?
    What are you committing me to do, when this time runs out?
    Did you really think this video through?
    It shows a great lack of wisdom.
    The left leaders have been for two years aggressively looking by trial and error to find the right button to push to bring us out of our homes with guns a blazing and you just told them they are getting close.
    -They thought BLM riots would be the right button.
    -They thought shooting cops would be the right button.
    -They thought attacking Trump supporters at rally’s would be the right button.
    -They thought a demented women’s march against Trump would be the right button.
    -They thought allowing a kid to shoot up a school would be the right button.
    -Their new buttons are ANTIFA and Public Harassment of people hired to do government jobs and people wearing MAGA hats and what nots.
    What they are discovering is that NRA members are cool cucumbers, not knee jerk reactors. We are the calm ones in hot situations. This is what makes us formidable. The left are the emotionalists.
    They keep trying what would cause them to lash out and we don’t.
    So, thanks for telling them to keep trying. I hoped that in seeing we are the adults these prone to temper tantrum type people would settle down and go watch TV, but you have instead fueled the fire with a video that says nothing of value and used my money to do it.
    Good job (Sarcasm)
    You fckd up.
    Their goal is to drive us out shooting, so they can initiate martial law. They know our troops made up of our sons and daughters will back us, so they will gleefully use UN mercenaries to fight us.
    They want our guns and you just told them in time they will get to fight for them.
    Idiot move.


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