NRA Spokesperson Dana Loesch Is Selling ‘Super Food’: Liquid Beets

NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch has a side job hawking a product called SuperBeets.

Loesch says in a commercial that she drinks Super Beets every day:

There’s one super food that I drink every day for healthy circulation and to make me feel great all day long. It’s called SuperBeets and you can try it for yourself risk free.

I take SuperBeets as my pre-workout in the morning and as a non-jittery pick-me-up in the afternoon. And just one teaspoon of SuperBeets gives you the benefits of three whole beets.

SuperBeets claims on its website that its product can “support your cardiovascular health, blood pressure, circulation, energy, brain health and more,” notes

Nitric oxide is critical in our bodies. Without it, we can’t live. Research has shown that the nitric oxide your body produces begins to dramatically decline as you age, especially after the age of 40.

Consumer Health Digest notes:

There is no independent clinical test proving that the supplement really offers health benefit.

Behrman Communications, the public relations company for SuperBeets, told Mic that Loesch “is not a spokesperson. She has been one of many TV hosts for the brand.”

(Sources: LastWeekTonight/YouTube, Mic, Consumer Health Digest)

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