NRA Spokesperson Dana Loesch Claims Her Life Was In Danger At CNN Town Hall, No Evidence

NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch told the 2018 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington D.C. that her life was in danger the night before during a CNN town hall in Sunrise, Florida (more video below).

Loesh first attacked mainstream media for covering mass shooting in Parkland, Florida. Loesh claimed the media loved to make money off of mass shootings and “crying mothers”

Loesh, who makes money by promoting gun sales, also claimed her life was in danger at the town hall, which was attended by Parkland students, teachers and parents:

You heard that town hall last night, they cheered the confiscation of fire arms. And it was over 5,000 people. I have to have a security detail to get out. I wouldn’t have been able to exit that if I did not have a private security detail. There were people rushing the stage and screaming “burn her.” 

Video filmed by Twitter user “Michelle” (@hope4tigers) shows Loesch being escorted from the BB&T Center stage by security detail, but does not show anyone rushing the stage as Loesh dramatically claimed:

CNN’s Emanuella Grinberg filmed the crowd booing and pointing fingers at Loesch, but no one rushing the stage.

(Source: CPAC via YouTube, hope4tigers/Twitter, Emanuella Grinberg/Twitter)

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