NRA Spent Thousands On Hair & Makeup For CEO Wayne LaPierre’s Wife: Report

Two sources told the Daily Beast that the NRA spent thousands of dollars on hair and makeup stylists for CEO Wayne LaPierre’s wife Susan LaPierre.

The massive expenses reportedly included “plane flights and luxury hotel stays for the stylists.”

Susan co-chairs its Women’s Leadership Forum, and often speaks at annual gatherings for female NRA supporters.

The NRA called the waste of thousands of dollars a “non-story,” and said their ex-ad firm was responsible.

But the Daily Beast notes how the NRA cancelled the expensive stylists as the media began to report on them:

According to one of the sources, the stylists were booked to provide hair and makeup services for LaPierre at its member gathering in Indianapolis this past April. But as media reports emerged with allegations of extravagant spending by the gun group,

NRA officials worried the Nashville stylists’ presence could attract scrutiny. So they canceled on them at the last minute. Because the cancellation came so late, the NRA still had to pay their fees.

(Source: The Daily Beast)

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