NRA Silent As Pregnant Black Woman Is Jailed For Pointing Unloaded Gun To Defend Her Toddler

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has been silent as a black woman, Siwatu-Salama Ra, serves two years in jail at Huron Valley Correctional in Michigan for pointing an unloaded gun to protect her 2-year-old daughter on July 16, 2017.

Ra pulled her unloaded gun and pointed it when a woman tried to hit them with a car, according to Ra and her lawyers.

Ra is a concealed carry permit holder and lives in Michigan, an open carry state with a “stand your ground” law.

The law didn’t help Ra who was convicted of felonious assault and felony firearm convictions.

Ra’s lawyers say that she is seven months pregnant, and is receiving poor medical care in prison for her high risk pregnancy.

Judge Thomas Hathaway refused to postpone Ra’s prison sentence until after she gave birth.

Ra was reportedly shackled to her bed during a vaginal exam.

NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch claimed on May 2 that she has covered Ra’s case, but Vox notes “but there appear to be no mentions of the case on the NRA website or social media platforms.”

(Sources: Vox, Dana Loesch/Twitter)

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