NRA-Linked Russian Spy Maria Butina Agrees To Plea Deal, Faces Five Years In Prison

Maria Butina, an NRA-linked Russian spy, has agreed to plead guilty to conspiracy, and cooperate with authorities in ongoing investigations.

ABC News reports that Butina will admit that she and an unnamed “U.S. Person 1,” who has been identified as Republican operative Paul Erickson, with whom she had a romantic relationship, “agreed and conspired, with a Russian government official (“Russian Official”) and at least one other person, for Butina to act in the United States under the direction of Russian Official without prior notification to the Attorney General.”

The “Russian Official” may be Alexander Torshin, deputy governor of the Russian Central Bank and ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Under Torshin’s direction, Butina reportedly “sought to establish unofficial lines of communication with Americans having power and influence over U.S. politics.”

(Source: ABC News)

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