NRA Host Blames Kneeling Football Players For Death Of Colts’ Edwin Jackson

NRATV host Grant Stinchfield blamed the Feb. 4 death of Indianapolis Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson on NFL players who have been kneeling to protest police brutality of African-Americans on Feb. 7.

According to Indiana State Police, Jackson was killed in Indianapolis when he was struck by a Ford truck driven by Manuel Orrego-Savala, an undocumented immigrant from Guatemala who was allegedly drunk, reports The New York Times.

President Donald Trump exploited Jackson’s death by blaming the Democrats on Feb. 6:

Stinchfield took it one step further by attacking kneeling black players whom he blamed for somehow interfering with Trump’s failed proposals, notes Media Matters:

A disastrous NFL season is over. It ended with a senseless crime, a murder of a star linebacker killed by a drunk illegal alien deported at least twice. That illegal should have never been in this country, just as he should never have been behind the wheel of that pickup truck that smashed into Edwin Jackson’s Uber car, killing him and the driver.

My question now is, what will Colts players do? During one game, at least ten of them knelt for the National Anthem, angered by President Trump and his keep America safe policies. The very policies, with a goal of preventing the very thing that happened to Edwin Jackson.

When Donald Trump says build a wall, he protects people like Edwin Jackson. When Donald Trump says put repeat offenders, people who have been deported multiple times, in prison, he protects people like Edwin Jackson.

When President Trump demands when ICE puts an immigration hold on [an] illegal, you turn them over to the feds, he protects people like Edwin Jackson. If America had already put in place the policies that Donald Trump and NRA members want in place, Edwin Jackson may still be here.

Do the Colts players now realize this? For all the Colts players who took a knee, and all the players in the NFL who did, do you now realize why we need to get tough on illegal immigration? Our nation’s failed policies are getting people killed.

Your buddy, your teammate, is dead. I couldn’t find any evidence of Edwin Jackson kneeling during the national anthem, I did find this picture when [former Colts cornerback] Antonio Cromartie took a knee.

There you see Jackson, number 53, in the background, standing for the National Anthem. He is standing, unaware that months later the policies his anti-freedom, anti-rule of law kneeling teammates so brashly support got him killed.

(Sources: The New York Times, Donald Trump[/Twitter, Media Matters)

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