NRA Blames Obama For Parkland School Shooting, Over A Year After He Left Office

NRA TV host Grant Stinchfield claimed that former President Barack Obama should apologize for the mass shooting that happened  at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, over a years after Obama left office.

Stinchfield was throwing a tantrum over Obama’s essay in TIME that praised the Parkland survivors for leading a new fight for gun control. 

Stinchfield falsely claimed Obama had a “no-discipline-for-rule-breakers policy” for schools that stopped law enforcement from arresting shooter Nikolas Cruz before the mass shooting:

If Barack Obama is writing anything that deals with the Parkland students, it should be an apology. His liberal no-discipline-for-rule-breakers policy was a contributing factor that enabled the shooter to wreak the havoc that he did…

It was Obama’s school discipline policies that prevented faculty members from having students arrested, even for severe and repeated discipline issues.

Stinchfield also got racial when he falsely claimed the leaders of Black Lives Matters support burning down cities and inciting riots against police:

NRA members don’t burn down cities and we don’t incite riots against our police! The leaders of Black Lives Matters Do!

In reality, Black Lives Matter has condemned all violence and has protested against police abuse and unjustified killings of black people, which have been documented on video numerous times.

(Source: NRA-TV/Twitter)

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