North Korean Children Tell CNN Reporter They Want To Shoot Him For Being American

North Korean children told CNN reporter Will Ripley that they wanted to kill him.

Ripley traveled to North Korea to do a segment about life under dictator Kim Jong-Un, who is scheduled to meet with President Donald Trump in Singapore.

After the kids told Ripley that “we want to fight the sworn enemy, the Americans,” Riply countered, “What if I told you I’m an American, do you want to shoot me too?”

“Yes,” replied a boy. “Yes.”

A North Korean woman seethed that she had “only hatred” for Americans, while a second woman ranted, “I curse the Americans, I want to destroy their land!”

According to Ripley, many of the people became much more friendly when he turned the camera off, suggesting that they were putting on a show for Kim’s fascist government.

(Source: CNN via YouTube)

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