North Carolina YMCA Calls Police On Muslim Woman Over Her Swimsuit

A YMCA called the police on a Muslim woman because of her swimsuit in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Sept. 23.

Fatima Najjati filmed a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer and a YMCA staff member approaching her and her two daughters:

What am I doing that is wrong? Watching my daughters? At my age I am not going to strip naked.

The police officer issued a vague warning to Najjati:

Under the YMCA policy you do not have proper swim attire.

Najjati told WJZY that she left the pool following the incident:

I could have been given a warning or something, but not to the point of calling the police and having them waiting for me right there.

Najjati took her 8-year-old and 2-year-old daughter to swim, but the Charlotte YMCA pool rules say a child under the age of 9 must be in the pool with an adult.

Najjati’s video shows that she was about a foot from them when YMCA management and a lifeguard wouldn’t let her in the pool because they thought she was fully clothed.

Fatima says she was wearing a long sleeve athletic shirt and pants, per her religion, as she has many times before:

Of course I make sure to take swimwear material type clothing. Nobody has ever bothered me except for that day.

YMCA management called Fatima on Sept. 24 to apologize, but the police have not.

(Source: WJZY)

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